Above is a video, made in 2018, in which we interview two UCSC faculty, each of whom commutes to campus using an electric bicycle. Click on the above image to watch the video.

It forms part of our effort to reduce the number of those who might ordinarily commute to campus using private automobiles—therefore helping to enable “Zero New Traffic” as the campus population increases. It's a 12-minute video, with loads of useful information for anyone thinking of exploring a new way of getting around. It's best viewed in the fullscreen mode. Click on the image to watch the video.

I apologize for the technical quality of this video. It has, at some points, significant wind noise. This was my first attempt. I used my small Panasonic “Lumix” camera, hand-held. However, I neglected to put cotton or gauze over the camera's microphones to reduce the wind noise.

If this video doesn't work for you, you may alternatively watch it on YouTube. Just click on this link. It has subtitles, so you can read what each person is saying if you want, to get the full impact of the video.

– Peter